USA Visa Overstay in Increase

Around 45 million travelers entered in to the U.S. through its entry points with business and pleasure visas in the fiscal year 2015. From these visitors nearly 482,781 remained in the USA after the expiration of their visas. Now they are considered illgal entrants.
And this had became a large problem and the authorities have to figure out the best ways to solve it.

For example, in the three months since fiscal year 2015 ended, an additional 66,000 of the people identified as visa overstays had left the country. Passel said it’s those kinds of long-term trends that are necessary to understand the nature of those undocumented immigrants.

When someone apply for a US visa to visit the country, they submit their application form. Then they are interviewed, photographed and have their fingerprints taken before they reach the U.S.A. These works are carried through the foreign consulates, and provides U.S. officials a full portrait of people entering the country.

But the difficulty in tracking what happens to those foreigners comes when they leave. U.S Customs and Border Protection doesn’t have the ability of getting biometric information such as fingerprints or iris scans from every foreigner leaving the U.S. That makes it difficult to figure out who’s left and who has remained.

USA is considered as the top destination for the travelers as there are good opportunity for to spend their holidays.
Mean while lot of people are looking for higher education, lucrative jobs and medical treatments. USA offers good living standard for those who have hand some earning along with social security. Because of this lot of people are attracted to this land. the country contains many diversity of people from all over the world. Millions of people try to enter in thisland even through the illegal immigration method. In this course many people lose their lives.

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