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Entry Visas are important for the travelers who are going to other countries where traveler’s movement is restricted. Specially for those tourist, students, Businessmen and workers. To get one of this for a particular country, you must have a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity and enough blank pages and a valid reason for your trip. Provide a good reason to the immigration officer, to issue you with the requested kind of permission you need. Having a valid permission will not guarantee that you will be allowed to enter in the country by those officials at the border. The immigration officer at the entry point will check your documents and financial facilities and then only will decide whether to allow you in or to reuse entry.

Visa details.

New Zealand
Travelling to Singapore
Sri Lanka (For Non SL)
Sri Lanka Missions Abroad
Canada Immigration
Canada immigration & Visitors
Lawyers for Canadian immigration
Natives of Switzerland
Europe Issue Blue Card

To get a tourist visa, you must provide a round trip air ticket or an onward ticket with valid entry permit, enough funds to cover the trip, personal medical insurance, arranged accommodation and vaccination certificates are necessary. Some time they may require a sponsor letter to be produced along with the required application forms. Citizen from the developed countries have more privileges than the others when coming to obtain permission to enter in to any countries. With entry visas it is easy to enter a friendly country of your own country.

Traveler Visa.

They can travel to most of the countries without getting a prior permission if the entry visa is available or can get it on their arrival at the entry point. This is because of the concerned countries want to monetary gain from them as tourists or business people.

Undeveloped country visitors are looked upon as they are looking for a green pasture in those developed countries. So they have to prove that they will return to their countries before the permission expires and that they will not use public funds during their stay in those countries.

If you are issued with permission in your passport, read it carefully and find out all the information there.
Also check what kind of entry visas that you had been issued with? (Don’t try to work with a tourist entry permit in that country.)

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