Sri Lanka Visas information.

Sri Lanka Visas information for visitors and Tourists. All passport holders are requested to obtain visas before entering at the Colombo airport or Mattala airport to enter in to Srilanka. Singapore, Maldives and Seychelles passport holders are not requested to have visas when entering Sri Lanka.

Special Notice: In this year 2022 you are allowed to visit Sri Lanka for short visits. But you must have vaccinated with two doses and need to wait 14 days to pass after getting the second one. must have PCR test taken within 72 hours. After this you are allowed to visit here without 14 days of Quarantine process in Sri Lanka. On the other hand you are subjected to under go an Antigen test to prove that you are not affected by the Corona Virus. Also it is necessary to bring your PCR test that was taken within 72 hour period.

Sri Lanka had opened the doors for the Tourist to enjoy this beautiful land under the bubble system. Nearly all the virus spreading routes are under control as per the medical association. Curfew is slowly relaxed and there is lock down areas in this country.

If you need a visa, to travel to Sri Lanka, you must obtain it from the nearest Sri Lanka mission. If no such facility available, get in contact with the Controller of Immigration and Emigration, Colombo, Srilanka. Sri Lanka offers online visa processing service, which is called as ETA. The online visa fee to Sri Lanka is US$ 20 for SAARC countries and US $ 35 for other countries with double entry. No visa fees will apply for: Transit visa with Single Entry for 2 days and children under 12 years of age.

There are 5 types of visas available for the Sri Lanka Visitors.

Multiple Entry Visas
Residence Visas
Visit Visas
Transit Visas.

Special Resident Guest Visas Applications for Residence Visas / Visas under the Special Resident Guest Scheme should be made to the Dept. of Immigration and Emigration.

Touris Visa Renewal.
These visa periods, can be extended prior to the expiration of the visa at the Dept. of Immigration and Emigration in Borella, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Department of Immigration and Emigration
Sri Subuthipura Road,

How to reach Department of Immigration and Emigration by Bus?
Fort-Pettah 171, 170, 190
Borella 171, 174, 170, 190, 177, 186
Maradana 171
Kollupitiya, Kaduwela 177
Dehiwala / Nugegoda 163

Multiple Entry Visas.

To get a multiple entry visa, you as foreigner must proof, that you are investing funds in Sri Lanka or doing business activities in Sri Lanka. Validity of this visa is up to 01 year. Residence Visas to get a Residence Visa, you must Arrive in Sri Lanka with an Entry visa obtained from a Sri lanka mission with the approval of the Controller of Immigration and Emigration. The visa will be valid for a period of one year and there after can be renewed every year. (Spouses can get for two years)

The following people can apply for this visa with the necessary documents.

Expatriate personnel whose services are required for projects approved by the State,
Expatriate personnel employed in projects under Board of Investment of Sri Lanka.
A foreign national (Who desires to invest monetary capital or To engage in business activities in Sri Lanka), Members of the Clergy,
Religious Workers and Religious Students,
Volunteers, Personnel attached to Non-Governmental Organizations,
Foreign students (In Universities, Educational Institutions approved by the State, Other Institutions), Registered Indians covered by the 1954 Agreement, Ex Sri Lankans, Spouses of Sri Lankans, Children of Sri Lankans but holding foreign nationality.

Visitor Visas.

This visa is issued for people who are having enough funds for the stay and a valid return ticket must obtain the visa prior to their arrival in Colombo except Singapore and Maldives passport holders.

It can be issued 30 days at the beginning and can be extended up to one year. Following countries can get their endorsement at the arrival port, Singapore and Maldives passport holders.

Transit Visas.

These visas are issued to foreigners traveling via Sri Lanka. Validity of this visa is 30 days. Some countries need to get this visa prior to the entry in Srilanka from the Sri Lanka mission overseas. Some country people can get endorsement at the arriving entry port. Please check with the nearest Sri Lankan mission, in what category your country is. These information’s given are general out line, and verify with the relevant authorities for its accuracy.

We took much care to assure that this information was correct at the time of publishing. As things around the world may change with out notice, we will not be liable if any of this information is incorrect. does not endorse any of the services or external links. The use of this information and the dealings with anyone found on this list is entirely at your own risk.

Sri Lanka Online Visas.

Sri Lanka Government requires All foreigners except Maldives and Singapore to get the tourist visas prior to their arrival. The new visa fees will be US$ 35 for 78 country people. Citizens of SAARC countries will need to pay US$ 10 for their entry visa. Those people who are going to stay less than 48 hours in Sri Lanka and children don’t need entry visas. Sri Lanka Visas information is perfectly available with all the Consular offices.

Earlier people were allowed to visit Srilanka without a valid visa. If you have any travel plan to Sri Lanka first ask your agent or the airline about the visa conditions.

Contact Details:

Department of Immigration and Emigration
Sri Subuthipura Road,

Hotline : 0094 71 9967888
Telephone : 0094 11 5329307
Fax : 0094 11 2674631
E-Mail :
Sri Lanka Visas information Website:

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